Gamer slang expanding to more use with peepz from the 80s. Term for "money," based on the money system used in the original "The Legend of Zelda." To "get rupee" is to get money by either hard work, hustlin', or killing Octoroks.
Dayum, gonna cost madd rupee for that new game comin' out.

Let's roll out, I got me a lil extra rupee.
by heavyweightboxer August 15, 2007
guy who made the song 'tempted to touch'
tempted to touch tempted to touch
by Lady E February 14, 2005
A gorgeous person inside and out. Driven and caring! Personable gets along with all personalities! Sweet as honey, but, don't break her trust, she'll sting you; and does it hurt!
Z: "Hey there goes Rupe"
Ian: "She's off to go save another soul!"
by Randy123 June 22, 2013
Rupe is a nickname given by many people in his fan base. Rupe aka Rupert Grint is the hottest and most talented actor in the Harry Potter Movies.
Aww Roo is so cute in that picture!
by Michizzle June 29, 2005
Indian money usually in the form of pistachio shells.
I used my rupees to buy a child off the black market.
by Jewboi420 December 5, 2018
The character type defined by them affecting the story in minimal amounts and generally not making sense.
"See, in this story, this character was mentioned once and never again! That's a real Rupe if you ask me."
by Minigun May 5, 2022
stupid person, retard/retared, silly looking
Bob: You look like a rupe today.
Bill: I think its the Tye-dye pants I'm wearing.
by SBAY November 27, 2009