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Its source is rupa, a Sanskrit name meaning "Beauty" and "Silver"

Rupal means "Beautiful" and "Made of silver".
Rupal is a village in the Rupal Valley of the Astore District in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Rupal is a beautiful girl.
by roop04 February 03, 2010
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Rupal means super awesome. Rupal is a guy who is very kind, generous, helpful and cool. He who is around Rupal feels blessed and has a lot of fun. Rupal is also very very funny and it is surprising how his jokes are so awesome.
Rupal is awesome
by Mark Satarberg March 28, 2018
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1. someone who attracts crazy
2. a person who drools a lot
3. a scientist who likes to be poke tested
4. a girl who is in love with optimus prime
man, i fell asleep last night and totally rupaled all over my couch!
by androdd September 12, 2008
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A poetry bitch who likes to smoke up. Seems really sweet in the beginning with a nice mom. Like to shower when she's high, is into erotic sketches, can draw you like one of her french girls
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Girl 1 (high af): I can't find my roommate!
Girl 2 (high too): She probably took the joint to the shower, she's a Rupal afterall
by asssstitses October 02, 2018
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