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You get an sms message on ur phone and you thinks its a private msg
You look for the map at your shop (the you are here type) and start looking for the sword shop aubary etc
You stand out front of the chemist selling potions made of household items and other things in your garden cos u have 80 herblore
You see someone run away from a tarantula and u call them a newb for being scared of it boasting about how u could kill it with ur hands
You steal a cake from the bakery get caught walk away for 5 mins walk back and try again
After the baker calls the police you run around the block and wait for him to dissapear then you go back and keep stealing cakes
Walk into a bank in full armour with a weapon and say "Anyone got any free stuff?"
When you attack an old lady, you claim that you are training
When you pick up a penny, you wonder why it won't respawn
When you the king black dragon looks dark green too you.
When they have to take off a digit off you combat level
You are at gunpoint and you say "go ahead, I'll only drop five bucks"
There's two permanent hollow spaces on your computer chair
Your clicking finger is the strongest muscle in your body
Andrew goes crazy trying to create a monster that you can't kill
You spray paint your cat red and call it an imp
You perk up from you sleep when your teacher mentions the coal export in the middle east
You constantly hear the repeated clicking sound from leveling mining that drives you mad
Paralyze monster starts to work on human opponents in the wilderness
You start saying 'ty' to people when they give you something
You buy a chocolate bar for 100gp at the convenience store
You change your social security number to match your attack, defence, and strength skills, and it fits.
Someone cuts you off and you start shouting "SCAMMER" down the freeway.
You get a system message "You have been standing in this spot for 5 Years! Please move to another area!"
You get a system message "Welcome to your (mining, fishing, cooking, crafting) spot".
When someone doesnt seem to know you, you know they're a newbie.
Your parents call you down for dinner using your character name.
You see a man name Andrew and you bow down and worship him.
You receive junk mail addressed to your character name.
You begin referring to authority figures as admins.
Theres a spot reserved for you in every building you go to.
You dont need the online map. For anything. Ever.
You give people directions to anywhere by number of steps.
The server takes 10 minutes loading your character.
You wonder why all walls are not paper thin.
You get robbed in real life and you look for a man named Moderator to help you out.
You find a penny on the ground and then wait there thinking it will respawn.
You wonder what your "age" is.
Your clicking finger is the strongest muscle in your body.
You are at McDonalds and ask when the next burger respawn is.
You are at McDonalds and you fight just to talk to the attendant.
You brag about having played xxx ammount of hours.
Instead of saying, "Wanna take this out on the street?" you say, "Wanna take this to the wilderness?"
You ask your friend in real life does he want to go to pk in the wilderness after school.
You dress up as Alchemon/Bluerose13x's char for Halloween.
The a** grooves on your computer chair are now permanent.
You dont just have an a** grove on your chair, you have a mouse groove on your hand.
You ask a priest in real-life if you can use the altar to recharge your prayer points.
You hear an announcement in school and you say "I just saw a system message!"
You try to rearrange the Periodic Table to fit Mithril, Adamantite, and Rune in it.
Trying to run from a schoolyard fight, you have to wait for the data to be relayed from the
server. Sombody dies and you say........ what did (s)he lose?
A police officer arrests you for assulting three innocent men and you say: "I was just training!"
You get an injury and begin eating apple pies and pizza thinking it'll heal you.
You're held at gunpoint and you tell the gunman, "Go ahead and shoot me! I'll only drop $5!!!"
You go to the nearest bank and wonder where the Item bankers are.
You steal the cape off your little brother's Batman halloween costume for the extra armor point.
The theme of your new wardrobe is "pale green."
You need a new car and start calculating how much iron and coal you need to mine to build it.
You consider a mithril car instead.
You see someone in a dark brown suit and you think "newbie."
Your boss asks you if you know how to kill scorpions and you nearly ask him "level 21 or level 36."
You try to deposit pizza in your bank account.
You try to buy a pickaxe from your coworker because you can't remember where the nearest pickaxe spawn is.
You keep bumping into people because you think that you'll just pass through them.
You have this overwhelming urge to beat up security guards, farm animals, and short people whenever you see them.
You go to the store to buy some beer, and you try to figure out which one will boost your stats.
You need flour, so you get some pots and try to find a wheat field.
You get confused when your bread recipe calls for more than water and flour.
When In school, you write your RS name instead of your real name on your homework.
When you can truly say, "Full rune armour? Yeah I can make that."
When you have more friends on your friends list than you do in real life.
When you go to your back yard and prospect each rock looking for coal.
When you cook something and wonder how much experience it was worth.
You just finished your chores and you wonder how many quest points you got
I think you have been playing that game runescape too much.
by lobur March 27, 2007
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