Mithril is a fictional metal originating in J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series.

It is called 'true silver' by the Dwarves and is an incredibly durable and lightweight substance only found in the mines of Khazad-dûm.

In the grand tradition of stealing ideas from Tolkien, countless fantasy authors and game designers have introduced this material into their works.

Often misspelled as mythril, mithral, or mythral and probably mutated into mistral, etc...
Frodo survived a spear to the chest because he was wearing a mithril shirt under his outer clothes.
by Allaryin September 3, 2004
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Same as wordMythril/word.

A fictional fantasy metal associated with silver and elves. It is usually among the strongest metals and magical in nature.
Please forge me a mithril longsword so that I might slay those orcs.
by entivore October 6, 2003
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