and expression used when taking others posesions in a forceful manner
Bitch run that purse! "please give me your purse"
by Doug999 December 21, 2005
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To request something from another either in a positive or negative way. Also, as a request to not do/try something again.
"Run that wallet!", "Run that purse!" (negative)
"Run that song again."(positive)
"Don't run that bull**** again!"
by dirty November 25, 2004
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To process information using alternate methods of cognitive skills.
"If you don't put some pressure on your bunk, yuz goin' to the naked run that!"
by jim November 22, 2004
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the dreaded shit you take where you wake up in cold sweats and get butt ass naked on the toilet and pray to god, crying, for your shits to stop
dude, i had the runs this morning and almost ended my own life
by @samyoule March 10, 2019
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To hand something over; to give up a possession to a robber.
In J. Cole song 'A Tail of Two Cities' ... "Uh, nice watch, run it"
by Optimistic Edit October 27, 2015
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