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A butt plug, bung pole, butt pole. An ass dildo used to stimulate and simulate rear entry. An anal toy prefered by English barristers.
Before standing to deliver his closing arguments, the attorney sat quietly on a portable rumpole placed discreetly on his courtroom chair, and fantasized about his post-court appearance.
by Lord Flanders January 09, 2006
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Ugly looking person with Pok marked face.

Name coined from UK tv series Rumpole of the bailey who Rumpole, a barrister known for his tough cross examinations and rough complexion,paper mach'e drinkers nose and grumpy disposition. Good barrister though god rest his soul...
"heh look at that rumpole sitting over there,nasa could test their luna rover on that terrain...."
by Derek Danksworth June 10, 2005
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