ZOMGz I just found out Squizzle Squirrel yiffed with Aussie WildDog! What have we told Squizzle about yiffing! Never violate Rule 3! Don't stick your dick in crazy!
by Blabberwolf October 15, 2007
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There can be only one man in an entire school that doesn't love ANYONE. Absolutely no one.
Boy: Love is overrated!
Boy 2: didn't someone else say that?
Boy: Uh...no!
Boy 3: Rule -3, bitch.
by Sonicwave.exe May 11, 2021
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12 yr old kid: who are you guys?
other person: hey kid, rule 3
by demolishun May 26, 2012
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If someone says "stop", goes limp, or taps out the fight is over.
Rule 3
by Xeras July 26, 2011
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The number of girls/boys someone says multiply/divide it by 3. If its a guy, take the number of girls they said and divide it by 3, if it's a girl take the number of guys and multiply if my 3.
" I slept with 3 girls over break."
"Did you hear that guy, three girls!"
" nah dude, you don't know the Rule 3?"
" Oh yeah, Divide it by 3. He only slept with one girl."
by Stifmiester. May 2, 2010
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NEVER Shit At School! Ever.
If you feel your stomach rumbling just stay home and save yourself the embarassment and shame. NEVER, Rule #3.
by TapeGuy May 27, 2008
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