Women are most obviously mans ruin.
by FP49 February 2, 2009
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-Mom, wait, just 20 more minutes!

- It’s a school night, Michael. You can finish next weekend.
- But that’ll ruin the flow!
by Sofi_fi July 25, 2021
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that one mario kart gp tour stage pretty sure bananan ruins is misspelled if not "nintendo" and "namco" are dumb
I can't beat bananan ruins
by jimbo'slastchickennugget April 21, 2020
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Photos of abandoned buildings in cities that are busted out down on their luck.
Photographers come to Detroit or New Orleans and try to capture some hardcore ruin porn to put in a magazine. It's super lame.
by DtownHustler April 30, 2010
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Deflated, empty tits with the nipples pointing south

Ruined through multiple pregnancies and many years of breastfeeding

A selfless and devoted mother who has sacrificed her assets in the name of her children's health and wellbeing

Bravo to those women. We salute you for your sacrifice. But for heavens sake put a top on because those pancakes are nasty
Through her years of breastfeeding she had created ruined tits
by VeryVisionary September 6, 2023
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When something becomes so great, it's crushed by its own popularity. Usually ruined by angry pre-pubesent little boys and "independent" scene girls on tumblr
Gangnam Style used to be so cool and fun, but it was ruined by the internet. It became so overused to the point everyone just got sick of it.

I used to like playing Minecraft, until the angry pre-pubescent little boys started playing it. It was ruined by the internet!

Doctor Who is doomed to be ruined by the internet, mainly due to the girls on Tumblr
by That's silly July 14, 2013
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The largest horde guild in World of Warcraft led by Archaos. Formerly known as Ruinous. (started on Kil'Jaedon, they were kicked off the server and transferred to Darkspear and changed their name) Their ultimate goal is to ruin everyone's gaming experience in pvp primarily by "zerging" and causing deliberate lag by stacking 100+ players in one spot once a week to the opposing alliance faction. They are well known for trolling popular forums and hacking ventrillo and teamspeak servers. Generally regarded a nuisance in the Wow community, they are infamous due to the impact and number of annoyed players. Skilled players try and avoid being associated with the guild, however the association is trolling in itself.
Ruin Gaming is owning the pvp vendors again. That takes skill. That's so epic!
by Hakktru January 26, 2014
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