When your sex partner pushes you to orgasm - only to stop stimulation right at the top of that high; A BDSM kink.

(To rephrase; in the middle of an orgasm, your partner pulls back, leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated.)
Ruined orgasms are a great way to build up frustration and sensitivity in your partner, up until you actually do (IF you do) let them orgasm, lol.
by _Sweetums October 3, 2021
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whenever you try to edge, but you fuck up and still try to stop.
bruh I can't believe I had a ruined orgasm.
by this is such a bruh moment August 14, 2019
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A guy is strapped to a bed by his arms and legs while a girl is stimulating his penis.
The girl keeps him on the edge of orgasm for a while until she thrusts his penis so that he is at the point of no return. If the girl keeps stroking and jerking his penis then he will have a satisfying orgasm...
But this time she stops and pulls her hand quickly away from his penis, he is already over the edge so he still cums but there is nothing touching the penis anymore so there is no more stimulation. The guys penis bounces up and down squirting seman all up his sexy chest. Because there is no stimulaion going into the penis, the guy gets no pleasure from the orgasm and he wants to cum again straight away, but he can’t, his penis has becomed too tired and starts to flop over into the seman that is starting st stick to his skin. After this, the guy is horny and just wants his penis to squirt even more than before, he wants to cum in his girlfriend’s pussy. She tells him that he is a pussy. The girl may put him in a cock cage so he can’t cum until she unlocks him, or she keeps him tied to the bed so when his penis can cum again, she gives him another ruined orgasm. More seman his sqirting up his chest and into his mouth, the girl takes the seman from his chest and makes him drink it. It’s funny to watch his penis squirt seman all over him. The guy is embarrassed while the girls watching are laughing at him.
She tied me down and gave me a ruined orgasm
by its the real deal September 21, 2018
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When a man or woman gets their lady so close to orgasm, that she's aching, moaning and tightening her pussy. But instead of finishing her off, they stop and let her suffer unfulfilled, or a ruined orgasm. Which can be painful and not very loving.
I got my girl so close to cumming , she was bucking and yelling. So, I rolled her over, kissed her and said "Sorry, I'm too tired to finish you up tonight" I sure gave her a ruined orgasm !!
by FyreSprite February 1, 2020
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The kind of orgasm a guy has when his hands are tied out of the way and his penis is stimulated just until he can't stop anymore, and then let go. Neat to watch because of the way it bounces with each spurt. Embarrassing for the guy, especially if several girls are watching, and not real satisfying.
We held him down and made him have a ruined orgasm.
by Annie October 5, 2004
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When a guy is masturbating, by himself, or by his partner, and keeps stopping before he ejaculates. This goes on until finaly he penis is finaly allwed to ejaculate, but the hand is pulled away and the penis has no more stimulation througout the orgasm. Its cool to watch as the penis bobs up and down as it ejaculates the semen. This leads to the guy feeling very unfufilled and his penis is usually to tired to masturbate again, so basicaly he is left with sperm all over himself and nothing to show for it.
Bill was masturbating to some dirty words on Urban Dictionary like Horny, Penis, Masturbation, Caught in the act, Wet Dream and Wild Wank, when his friends suddenly came in and grapped his hands, holding them down. They wanked him off until they saw that he was about to orgasm, then let go. The penis bobbed up and down as it shot manjuice all over Bill's chest and Bill was left naked on the floor with a ruined orgasm.
by Penisking May 24, 2009
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When your masturbating and you reach the point of no return and suddenly stop and remove any contact with the penis. The penis ejaculates but it is only a quarter of the feeling a normal orgasm is.
My girlfriend gave me a ruined orgasm last night, i spat on her and threw her out of my car.
by Callum6969 May 12, 2009
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