Applied to a woman who has similar proportions to those in paintings by the Flemish painter Peter Paul Ruben; attractively plump; a woman who is alluring or pretty but without the waif-like body or athletic build presently common in media.
"Our waitress is really hot, even if she has a few extra pounds on her, but it doesn't matter because I like my women rubenesque anyway."
by daniel milw May 18, 2006
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The root "ruben" refers to Ruben Studdard, famous for winning American Idol despite being extremely fat.

Like "BBW", "on-the-heavy-side" and "big boned", rubenesque is yet another way to say "fat" while trying to remain polite.
I met this great girl online, but she turned out to be pretty rubenesque.
by Pragma1700 June 4, 2007
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A term for a woman with a body similar to the women painted by the artist Peter Paul Rubens. His painting called "Judgment of Paris" is a good example. The word has nothing at all to do with Ruben Studdard as it was in use long before American Idol existed. The women of Rubens' paintings typically had hourglass figures and were chubby, but not obese.
I like rubenesque women because they have big butts.
by Pixelmancer May 8, 2008
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A woman that has a similar body shape to the style of women painted by Rubens. Not just any slightly overweight woman. Not just any girl who has round hips or a bum. The women in Rubens paintings were often very plump, with large round hips. While it was once a compliment, now it often a criticism or back handed compliment.
Don't call a girl Rubenesque if you have never looked at Peter Paul Rubens paintings.
by November May 13, 2005
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"Ashley is a rubenesque cheeky,Plump,fleshy fellow"
by Mcmurdle December 4, 2003
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A woman that closely resembles Ruben Studdard, Afican-American Idol.
A Duncan Donuts server was fired today after she was found plucking goatee and placing them in the frosting. Needless to say the woman was exhibited very Rubenesque physical characteristics.
by Kieron J June 23, 2006
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