4 definitions by Kieron J

A woman that closely resembles Ruben Studdard, Afican-American Idol.
A Duncan Donuts server was fired today after she was found plucking goatee and placing them in the frosting. Needless to say the woman was exhibited very Rubenesque physical characteristics.
by Kieron J June 23, 2006
Any idiot residing above the Mason-Dixon Line that assumes Southerners are racist. Likes unsweetened tea and uses the word COUGHFEE.
Hey you African-American haters, why don't you go drink some sweet tea and brew some COUGHFEE. Ha, us Northerners are soo superior.
by Kieron J June 23, 2006
(n.) A message parlor in which Asian women "message" your eggroll and eat the eggdrop soup.
"Me message you long time at teahouse."
by Kieron J June 23, 2006