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Roving: To roam or wander around.
Often used when refering to someone who has no permanent home or someone who moves away and leaves thier old life behind.

A-rovin i'll go. Get a-rovin.
by Danger0us Dave December 13, 2006
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Undisputed Swag Champ.
Fresh spiked hair on top, softly swept down on the sides, doesnt leave w/o gellin'. Always fresh trim. Semi-busy mind always thinking of the next responsibility or song to add to playlist, chill/relaxed expression always straight face unless talking to someone-usually cracks a half smirk and usually leans back to laugh. Straight back posture but when walking indicative of swag champ, hunched always serious into computer while sitting. not thin but not thick. not furry, keeps everything fresh. masculinity visible from fresh trim and visible slow swinging arms while walking. rocks 2009 Jordan backpack over one shoulder usually, contents include sweetest electronics. long pants. smooth gait with feet slightlyturned outward, always brisk, heel to toe. slight lift off front toes at last second. K-swiss unless business casual. ----> ROVVVV SWAGGGGG
"Who is that G walking down the street, smelling like Swag?"

"That must be Rovin"
by rapaholic202 October 30, 2012
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