An Arabic word that means Chill out
Rouk is also a shorter Nickname for Farouk
by shockwave_90 July 11, 2014
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Someone who constantly messes up, ruins things, spills bong water, can't pop a boner and doesn't know where to stick it.
That fucking rouke Jordan scared all the bitches away. Ronnie rouked it and left donut all over my chair (faded bitch).
by Bob &Mike September 25, 2004
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An amazing,sexy guy who has a big cock and can get with any girl
Rouke is such a sexy guy!
Did you see Roukes' cock? Its HUGE!
by Barney1234567 March 07, 2017
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rouke is an african boy who has the deddest trim goin he also simps over a girl big time he also loves to mess his hair up because it makes him look good, rouke gets whipped on the daily because his dad is a caffer and his mum is a dishwasher
rouke: i just chased a lion
by chicken nugget 4444 May 01, 2020
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