A family that owns more than 1/2 the worlds wealth and managed to keep it on the down low. Think about it this way when the great depression happened who gained from that (when one loses one gains)
youtube it its disgusting type in rothschild gold truth
by RatRace for nothing January 24, 2009
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A family where cousins banging eachother is common, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'family party,' this fucked up practice is to consolidate their vast wealth. They're worth is in the hundreds of trillions, and if I walked into a pub with one he would pop off to the toilet and expect me to get the drinks in. Very tight.
Christian - 'Wow, look at that piece of shit Volvo?'
Luke - 'That belongs to Lord Rothschild.'
by James_Dean_007 November 14, 2013
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When your vehicle has been flipped and can only be fixed through help from another user. AKA beatled
*Gets flipped on fortnite icey bumper cars*
"I've acho just been rothschilded, ya pricks"
by Moldy Beast December 27, 2022
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That brutally honest bitch that doesn’t care if you’re offended
Rothschilde is mean I don’t think she has a heart
by Lindeislinda’ssister July 19, 2020
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Type bitch that loooves to give you the hard truth even if it hurts
Oh Rothschilde she’s soo brutally fuckin honest
by Lindeislinda’ssister July 19, 2020
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Former trillionaire, now deceased. Killed by his grandson in psychic warfare aka the Cold War and the ghost of a WW3 that never came to be.
Jacob Rothschild was a mistake that was killed by his grandson, Bill.
by Draodan May 30, 2023
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