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Rosemount is a outer ring suburb of the 7 county metro that is anchored on Minneapolis and St. Paul. Rosemount is basically on the edge of civilization when it comes to the metro area. If you keep going far enough down a road you will find yourself in farmland. Rosemount is connected other affluent suburbs such as Apple Valley and Eagan.
Like every other suburb in mid-western America, there is absolutely nothing to do here. There are a few stores and stuff but that's about it. There are malls and crap, if thats your thing. During the summer you can head up to Minneapolis and watch the twins play for something to do. In the winter and fall, the RHS football team usually is decent, and the games are fun to be at.
Rosemount's climate is just as shitty as any other town in Minnesota. The summer is nice, sometimes rainy, and then the winter is cold as fuck and snowy. That's about it. It kind of goes from winter to summer and summer to winter. Fall lasts about two weeks and is when you get prepared for an onslaught of snow and cold. Spring doesn't even happen. One day in April we get like 5 inches of snow, the next it melts and is 50 degrees (which by the way is shorts weather for Minnesotans) and then its summer.

''hey dude what's up''
''nothing. wanna play xbox''

-typical conversation that would take place in rosemount
by jayfresh February 25, 2008
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