ROSALÍA also known as:

La Rosalía, Diosalía and La Reina De España is a Spanish artist who gew to popularity after her sophomore album "El Mal Querer". A fusion of traditional flamenco music with urban and pop beats, the album gained her attention from many Western celebrities. She is a also noted for choreography based on flamenco dance given she studied it at Catalonia College of Music.

Incidentally, she takes many risks with her musical experimentation and isn't afraid to break boundaries but she's interesting to follow because you never know what to expect.
Person 1: What are you listening to?

Person 2: ¡LA ROSALÍA! *Stops what they were doing and freezes in flamenco dance posture with one hand in the air*
by Louis Shipper March 10, 2020
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The most beautiful and talent woman actually.
Rosalía is a singer
by September 15, 2020
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A 6x Latin Grammy and 1x Grammy winner
ROSALÍA is a spain based artist who inspires many celebrities nowadays. Eg. Karol G
Karol g se parece a alguien que conosco...
Es ROSALÍA! Karol g se inspira en ella.
by FatAssRosalía October 25, 2020
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The most iconic line ever, invented by the talented goddess herself LA ROSALÍA
Tacone', lunare' para matar, bájale
El fleco, la' trenza' para matar, bájale
Eyeliner, leopardo para matar, bájale
Madre mía rosalía bájale
by lamejorchica May 30, 2019
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