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A school that prepares young women to be confident and not slutty. La Reina girls are smart, witty, basically the opposite of a Louisville girl. To be a La Reina girl is to be cream of the crop. To be accepted one must be a particularly special individual having the capacity for leadership, fortitude and solidarity with fellow classmates. Most importantly, La Reina girls have a particular strength of character.
Louisville girl 1: I wish I had self-confidence.
La Reina girl 1: I can conquor the world.
Louisville girl 1: I hope I get married and have a man take care of me and by my sugga daddy.
La Reina girl 1: I don't need a man, I will provide for myself.
by LaReinagirl1 July 05, 2009
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A mature, hard-working and extremely ambitious girl who tries her hardest to meet her own goals. Sometimes, she bites off more than she can chew and puts herself in extremely stressful situations, causing her to shut out the outside world and break down without anybody to lean on or support her. She doesn't like to share her true feelings, and usually keeps everything to herself, but with a good relationship, she can make both her life and the lives of others around her much more enjoyable and successful. She is an inspiration to hard working and ambitious individuals, and given the time, she can accomplish anything she wants, independently.
Lareina works too hard. She should take a break sometimes.
Does Lareina ever stop working?
I wonder if Lareina ever cries herself to sleep.
by Kayisnotpassiveaggressive December 24, 2018
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the WORST high school in the history of ever.
(it is also a middle school)
disgusting uniforms, disgusting teachers, and disgusting female students (no boys) who are all pricks.
Guy#1: why are you crying?
Girl#1: because i go to La reina.
Guy#1: ouch, i'm sorry. that really sucks.
Girl#1: i know, my parents make me go there.
by an unlucky teenager May 31, 2009
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Lareina’s are generally a big fan of lying.They’re usually quite thick,for want of a better,non hurtful word.You can not trust a girl with this name and you are a pleb if you think otherwise.By the way if your name is Lareina and you’re reading this,fuck off mate xo
I really don’t think that Lareina girl has her head screwed on right
by Fuckyoulareina May 17, 2018
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