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cock sucker comming from the two words cock / rooster and fish / sucker a tipe of fish
that guy is being a rooster fish or i wish that girl was a rooster fish
by smokey jay March 22, 2008
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Rooster - AKA - (another name for a Rooster) A Cock, Fish - AKA - (type of fish) SUCKER

Rooster - Fish conversion
Cock - Sucker
Al and Lisa in York are both roosterfish
by B-Dogg to da G January 30, 2004
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A euphemism for when you can't say "cocksucker(s)." Typically used around mixed company or elder relatives you don't want to offend. Originates from Rooster (cock) and a suckerfish. Useful because the same word can apply to singular or plural targets.
"Did you hear what Jeff did yesterday?"
"No, what?"
"He went up to a guy in a wheelchair and started skipping around him, and then ran off."
<easily offended person walks into the room>
"What a roosterfish!"

<Reading mail with company over, IRS says you have to pay in this year>
by Roy3030 January 20, 2012
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A guy belonging to another prisoner who likes his asshole licked.
Bobby is Joe's rooster fish.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
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