"The Roommates": The grandparents (or parents) of a male that constantly braggs about his sex life who moves back in with his Grandparents (or Parents) and they have more sex than he does. This generally occurs after the male moves out of his Grandparents (or parent) house, lives with his friends, and later returns to live with his grandparents (or parents). The parents or grandparents are then considered "The Roommates".
Preach: why do you look so tired Ears?

Ears: because i was up all night to the sound of "The Roommates"!
by The Preacher 478 February 2, 2010
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An individual, usually someone who couldn't find anyone else to live with, that takes up space, makes noise when you are trying to sleep, and walks in on you while you are masturbating. Luckily the roommate will typically not find it too strange if you just stay under the covers looking annoyed until he/she leaves.
*Door opens*
Roommate: Hi! I didn't know you were up.
Pants-less Me: Um... I'm not....
by Itchyiris February 3, 2010
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Someone who claims to be your friend, but once you move in with them "forgets" to pay you back for rent/electiric/cable/ethernet, bitches about dishes in the sink when they all belong to her, forces you to get rid of your cat by pretending they are allergic to it, destroys your furniture, pretends to be depressed to get attention, and generally freaks out about the stupidest things imaginable. ie: A roommate is a spoiled bitch who either can't or refuses to clean, and is used to mommy and daddy giving her everything.
me: Can you give me the electric check?
roommate: Uh yeah....(proceeds to never give you a check until you corner her in the kitchen.)
me: Can you move your stuff out of the living room?
Roommate: Uh yeah...(never moves shit, but bitches about how the room is messy)
by Want to kill her November 11, 2005
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The occurance of a sexual relationship between roommates (mated, only more intense)
"Did you hear about room 410, down the hall? I head there was some roommating going on?"

"Why did you switch dorms? I thought you and Juan were getting along great..." "Well we roommated, and now things are a little awkward..."
by Laurindsooke June 27, 2008
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Another name for a boyfriend or girlfriend that you don't want to bring around your friends. Good enough to have sex with but not good enough to show off.
Your friend calls and asks, "what are you doing tonight?" , and you reply, " oh just playing cards with my roommate."
by Pickle-puss32 June 5, 2017
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