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An individual, usually someone who couldn't find anyone else to live with, that takes up space, makes noise when you are trying to sleep, and walks in on you while you are masturbating. Luckily the roommate will typically not find it too strange if you just stay under the covers looking annoyed until he/she leaves.
*Door opens*
Roommate: Hi! I didn't know you were up.
Pants-less Me: Um... I'm not....
by Itchyiris February 3, 2010
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A person who believes or fights for equality for all.
I say it loud and I say it proud: I am a Rainbowatarian!
by Itchyiris February 17, 2010
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1) A one of a kind cool ass girl.

2) The shit on a stick. (In a metaphorical and good way.)
Girl: Who is that chick?
Other Girl: She's Januarie. She's the shit.
Girl: DAaaamn she hot.
by Itchyiris March 22, 2010
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1) An individual with an abnormally small penis or acts like a small penis.

2) A penis that is both abnormally small in width and length. It is typically considered to be a penis that is 4 inches or less in length and very thin.

3) The act of sex in which one partner can not please the other and the second partner must find a way to amuse him/herself. Partner one is typically a male, while partner two can be either a male or a female. This experience can transcend species.
Girl 1: So how was your date with that guy last night?
Girl 2: *sigh* He has an Ian.
Girl 1: Lulz. You always get stuck with Ians.

Girl 3: Yea, he is such an Ian!

Boy 2: Did you watch animal planet last night?
Boy 3: Lol. Yea. That zebra was just continued grazzin' while she got Ianed.
by Itchyiris February 21, 2010
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