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A name deriving from when a mom is forcing her son to be unique. He wasn't born with it, it doesn't come she assumes everytime he tells people his name, is a chance to be recognized for what he is not. Actually causes character defects in that he believes he is a golden child and goes thru life borrowing, begging, bartering and bitching.
Has anyone seen Rondal? He's late for his domestic violence class and when I came to pick him up there was a 3 day eviction notice on his door.
by ElevatorQueen January 02, 2018
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A man who stands in long lines for a substantial amount of time waiting to apply for or receive government assistance i.e. unemploymentfood stampsdisability

If the fire needs a log or two, if the snow isn't shoveling itself, if the trash wasn't at the curb on trash day; chances are standing in line was more important to the man in your household.
One by one the workers at social services gave each rondal a pencil and an application.
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by ElevatorQueen May 19, 2018
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A Ronald is a strong man, who on the inside is always fighting with himself. But past that is a man, that if you catch, you must hold on for dear life. He is passionate about many things, and never get on his bad side, or you'll regret it. He is sensitive, smart, uses big words to amuse himself with others confusion and he attracts many gorgeous woman. If he has his gaze on you, he will forever love you, one way or another. He is a drinker, and makes bad decisions, but in the end he always makes up for them and will apologize. Always forgive a Ronald. He'll need it.A guy who is funny and sexy ass fuck and has the biggest and i mean biggest dick ever in existence
Person one:i just had the most amazing night i met a ronald he is the most sweet sexy rough guy in bed the best
Rondal is sexy as fuck
by Fatfat15 November 11, 2018
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