simple nickname for McDonald's, quick & easy
"Dude, i am hungry for some nuggets, lets hit up Ron Don's."
by Njam92 December 18, 2008
a "ron don" can be explained a douchebag, and the most ignorant retard of any sort. he/she would be devestated if they were named a "ron don". they can also be explained as a complete redard monster that would most likely be hand and hand with a dyke retard that is planning or has planned a way to kill and rape twins
that "ron don" is sure out to get them, and i think the "ron don" will rape and kill them>
by TheRetardMaster December 9, 2011
The Ron Don Phenomenon is a memory error that occurs when you mix up two similar pieces of information despite intentionally memorizing the correct answer at an earlier time.

Due to the easy confusion of the two items, you explicitly tell yourself the correct piece of information, as if cementing it in your brain. However, when trying to recall the information later, you can't remember which of the two items you foregrounded as the correct answer.

The crux of the Ron Don Phenomenon is the fact that you insist that you will remember the correct piece of information but precisely fail to do so at a later time.
"I used to have a bus driver who told us his name at the start of every school year, and, every year, I'd forget whether his name was Ron or Don. When the next year came around, I was sure that I'd remember this time. But not soon after, I'd forget again. It's the Ron Don Phenomenon!"
by Allie Christine August 18, 2022