If someone rolls their eyes at you this probably means that you were being very annoying before so now they hate you. You should probably stop being annoying and act like a normal person. Another reason could be because you were bragging. If you were bragging you may not have even realized but just try to catch yourself.
Me: Omg I had so much fun in Paris
Friend: *rolls eyes*
by ya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii April 22, 2019
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Looking upward with an expression of contempt, often combined with a sigh. Used to indicate frustration and annoyance with the stupidity of a person or thing.
When Melvin suggests that we do math problems after school instead of smoke weed, everyone rolls eyes and ignores him.
by asspirate12345 May 31, 2006
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Condescension, contempt, boredom, or exasperation.
Nancy was rolling eyes during the entire conversation with her headmaster.
by DAvi17 July 15, 2006
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like waiting something to finish or doing like if you didn't do something
teacher: blah blah blah blah booring blah ...
you: *roll eyes* (when is this going to finish?)


she: who painted my face while i was sleeping?!
you: *roll eyes*
by aikko August 23, 2008
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Is a positive suggestion to express how happy you are at one. Also used to express attraction to one.
John: Your a bitch
Macey: *Rolling eyes*
John: So you want my dick back already?
by Chyannis August 22, 2017
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A Phrase to describe those Yellow Fellows in Asian countries, Eyes
She had a Pair of "Egg Roll Eyes" that you could Blindfold with a Shoe Lace..
by Bupp&Zeider March 6, 2022
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when your eyes go all around your eyelids usually because of annoyance or disbelief. your eyeballs usually go in a full circle.
You were rolling your eyes as you saw the fake couple.
by Zinera January 15, 2009
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