Roger Wilco is a phrase related to radio signalling.
Roger : (message) Received
Wilco: Will comply with message received.
It is a phrase heavily influenced by the movie industry and falls into the category of tautology & superfluous radio signals. Similar to Over and Out wherein you should not tell your signalman that it is their turn to talk and then hang up, Roger Wilco should never be used as to comply with a message you will first have to receive it.

Wilco, (radio call sign) standing by
is sufficient.
by Peniston Boothe January 25, 2017
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I agreed with Peniston Booth, 'roger wilco' military use is wrong. It's a tautology i.e. uselessly repetitive. That's also true in any formal radio telephone procedure such as in police RT where they're not used together. In aviation use neither roger nor wilco are even used much as individual words. The full meaning of roger is 'Your last message is received and understood' and it's origin indeed as stated by schizzy is the original phonetic alphabet use of roger for the letter 'R' to 1951now romeo . The full meaning of 'wilco' is 'Your last message is received and understood AND wilL BE coMPLIED WITH'. Therefore wilco already includes roger.

However, this being Urban Dictionary it's the slang/colloquial use being defined so in that setting schizzy's example of the wife/husband is correct whether speaking directly or by phone. It'd also be very acceptable if they were using CB radio I guess. It's slang use can even have slightly sarcastic or facetious overtones at times. However, having an aviation background I reject his example of the pilot and ATC. Redundancy is the lesser sin, no pilot should answer like that. It's required to repeat the instruction back to the controller. The instruction wouldn't be given verbatim as quoted anyway. In aviation, the use of roger to acknowledge information no instructions may be acceptable at times but wilco is rarely used if at all. Mostly where roger could be used it's sufficient to simply answer with the aircraft's call sign.
In a casual 'slang' conversation:

Wife: 'Please pick up the paper off the driveway when you come home tonight'
Husband: Roger wilco. Your wish is my command!
by DropBeaDropBearr March 22, 2017
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Space guy and janitor extraordinaire, main character of the Space Quest series by Sierra On-Line.
When Roger Wilco isn't mopping floors, he is usually out about protecting the universe from super villain Vohaul, escaping the likes of Arnoid, rescuing the Two Guys from Andromeda and hanging out drinking Keronian Ale.
by Noobsin3d October 11, 2011
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