my favorite boy. a great kisser, knows how to make you laugh, and you can trust him with anything. extremely laid back and cool, always knows what to say to make you blush.
Yesterday Roel came over and he made me feel so at ease.
by his favorite girl December 1, 2010
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Pronouced "row-el" not "roll". Typically a young filipino male who embodies all that is "cool" and "hip". The best Roels know how to dance, sing, and play drums as well...all while being super cool.
Waiter: umm ...Roll? party of three?

Roel: dude its ROEL...stop butchering sucha cool name. idiot.
by A friend of Roel August 19, 2005
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A young filipino male who thinks he's so slick. Extremely cute and hilarious in almost every way while playing the guitar.
Guy 1: AYE ROEL!
Guy 2: Roeeellll!
Guy 3: Where's Roel?

Roel: Don't wear my name out.
by hkadhkda November 12, 2010
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A Roel (pronounced as "Cool" with an R), is a male with a particular lack of skill in throwing darts.

He is however exceptionally good at picking up ugly Polish women. This male specimen thinks it can play the drums..
*Ugly Polish Chick: "That cute drummerboy just kissed me!*
*Me: "He's such a Roel, he sucks at darts like you suck my penis.. True."
by BullsEye23 April 8, 2017
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The Trap Davinci Of Rap. Lyrics Anthologist he is SimpSet Roel know how things rock and can string the guitar like a thermical thesis with words in literacy when he rocks this guy will make you roll and the word that comes next is UP.
Kahiem Roel I'm like Ref tinting that getting that show me where the whistle at she blow like whistle pack she prefer the devil or god for the best weapon for the chumps wearing silly hats glisten that the leader of Scorpio its only as real as that.

Fans: Bro listen to mighty 1 won MIXTAPE very well put together
by Jinaist Organization December 14, 2020
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He is a loveable and almost perfect. He is cute and also handsome on some points. He is an ideal boyfriend. You can count on him but beware, he is sensitive but his love for his special person was nothing compared to anything. He is the best when it comes on loving . Don't break his heart or you'll regret it.
John Roel is an ideal. He loves Jake Chris Hahahaaha very much
by ZedyQt January 26, 2022
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Person1: You are Roel Wissing, you dag.
Person2: *dies*
by Nietthomas September 11, 2018
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