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my favorite boy. a great kisser, knows how to make you laugh, and you can trust him with anything. extremely laid back and cool, always knows what to say to make you blush.
Yesterday Roel came over and he made me feel so at ease.
by his favorite girl December 01, 2010
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Pronouced "row-el" not "roll". Typically a young filipino male who embodies all that is "cool" and "hip". The best Roels know how to dance, sing, and play drums as well...all while being super cool.
Waiter: umm ...Roll? party of three?

Roel: dude its ROEL...stop butchering sucha cool name. idiot.
by A friend of Roel August 19, 2005
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A young filipino male who thinks he's so slick. Extremely cute and hilarious in almost every way while playing the guitar.
Guy 1: AYE ROEL!
Guy 2: Roeeellll!
Guy 3: Where's Roel?

Roel: Don't wear my name out.
by hkadhkda November 12, 2010
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Roel is a level of ottism;
Roel is ottis
ie. That girl is so roel ugh.
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by roll el May 29, 2018
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