Testicles, especially when used concerning masturbation.
"Honey, what's that repetitive sound in Johnny's room every night?" "Ah don't worry about it, he's just getting his rocks off."
by MarkyB August 03, 2005
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To wear something, or to already be wearing something.
Hey I got some new True Religions...
Really? Are you gonna rock them on Monday?

Damn Johnny is rockin his 7's today!
by Andy Nim June 20, 2007
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(Verb) - Aggressively punching the shit out of someone because they either answered incorrectly to something or just 'cause you'se a gangsta
"Yo, that HULK movie was hot. But, its not worth seeing again."

"I'm 'bout to rock you son"
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1. A type of Music
2. A kind of complement.
3. A stone, Something to throw at people.
4. A type of sugary sweet in a stick shape, generally found at the seaside.
5. Crack cocaine
6. Slang word for Basket ball.
1. *Listening to music* "Rock on duudde!"
2. "You rock my socks!"
3. "Hey! Stop throwing rocks at me!"
4. Katy was sucking her stick of rock on the beach.
5. *inhale* that's some good rock man...
6. Imma go shoot some hoops with that rock."
by The Annonymus Penguin March 10, 2008
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