to take dxm while on mdma
tussin with ecstasy
that robo flip had me trippin ballzzz
by mr hill fool August 25, 2006
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To be simultaneously under the influence of DXM and MDMA.
Herbie: We're at Cumby's, you straight, bro?
Jimmy: Lara croft is fucking my shit up.
Herbie: Are you permanently robo flipping?
by Babyspookysexy September 9, 2009
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the act of using both LSD and DXM to achieve an extremely intense psychedelic state of mind.
Dude after i finished that bottle of cough syrup last night i started robo-flipping way too hard!
by mark elm December 15, 2011
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Being under the influence of DXM and ecstasy simultaneously
Last night I tried a robo flip and it felt like I was the main character in a movie
by PsychedMF July 30, 2021
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