One of the greatest actors ever.
Usually compared to Al Pacino, however..both of them are great.

Seen in films such as : Meet the Parents, The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Awakenings, among others.
Guy 1: I watched Taxi Driver last night.
Guy 2: De Niro is great in that movie.
Guy 1 and 2: "You Talkin' Ta Me?"
by SuperSonicX August 20, 2004
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the fakest italian of all time similar to mike showerz except even showerz is more italian then him.

he's been inducted to the italian american hall of fame even know he's 3/4's IRISH. he knows nothing about being italian even know he plays one all of the example of this is he married like 3 blacks. real italians wouldn never dream of doing that.

fuck you robert deniro, i used to think u were half which is acceptable, but wow, WTF 3/4's irish....jesus christ
i know he's a good actor but fuck robert de niro for lying to me that peice of shit....he loves blacks.
by guess April 19, 2005
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The best and most respected actor of all time.
No one will ever come close to being Robert de Niro (except Al Pacino)
2 Acadamy Awards nuf said
by de Niro rules June 26, 2003
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One of the greatest and most respected actors of all time. He has been known for creating tough-guy roles or people that are borderline pychotic. Eventhough he's been picking crapola lately, he's still a great actor. He has been Oscar nominated several times but has one twice. (Best Actor for "Raging Bull" and Supporting for "The Godfather: Part II").
Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver... what more can you ask for
by Kyle February 20, 2005
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1. An italian actor of great caliber. He is known for his roles as criminals.

2. Money in general, or a specific amount.

3. A sandwich ordered with nothing on it.
1. Robert De Niro was a perfect fit for his role in Jackie Brown

2.- Yo, how much Robert De Niro does your job pay?

-Man, about 6.75 Robert De Niros an hour.

3. Can I get a burger, Robert De Niro.
by 01 Mexico May 24, 2010
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