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a swingers game, based on the popular tennis tournament. A 4 player game where everybody gets their assholes licked clean. Also spectator sport.
Bob: "me and the missus will pop over for a game of rimbledon with you and the wife later, please wash your starfish this time Malcolm !"
by brewlio June 09, 2007
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Noun: a place where guys get their rectums, the male's most sensitive area, licked by the softness of a tongue and the smoothness of saliva; the guys are called "Ass Brothers", the superhorny lickers are called "rimmers".
My Sergeant and I partied at Rimbledon!

The fraternity house turned into a Rimbledon!

We got down and dirty at the Rimbledon last night!
by suiteelevenfiftyseven July 22, 2008
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