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Simpy sexy and hot, Perfection. Man with big mucles
That gus is rifqi (hot)
by Adam Parkatuti January 16, 2008
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Does stupid things but don give a single fuck.Hate people who is fake.Love all types of music genre depending on mood.Love to disturb and joke around if people around him is sad/depressed because he hate people being sad and depressed.Has alot of friends but is lazy to mix with.Can be as caring,anoyying,noisy etc if you’re close with.Really smart but is lazy to give a fuck about studies sometime.Rifqi means "Gentle,Lenient & Kind” in arabic.”Rifqi” is trustable.
He(rifqi) is so rifqi to that person eventhough he(mean person) is mean to him(rifqi).
by Muslimlivesinaustralia January 03, 2018
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