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The plural of ridiculous, meaning exceptionally ridiculous so much so that saying ridiculous is not enough to express the ridiculousness of the situation
If your mum came up to you and bitchslapped you to put you back in your place. That would be a suitable time to say; "That is absolutely ridiculi"
by Paddy V August 08, 2006
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Plural for ridiculous. Meaning, it is so ridiculous that it has to be plural ridiculous. Ergo, ridiculi.
That is so fuckin' ridiculi, man!
by j.44 March 22, 2004
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The plural of Ridiculous. Many things more than one ridiculous issue, event, or situation.
“She’s hesitant because of all the shit she’s dealing with”
“It’s all ridiculi
by Cruelmahn April 20, 2018
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