Any import car (often bought for you on your 16th birthday by your mother) thats only mods are visual and/or audio. Typically, the owner spends most of their money on a paint job, some fancy stickers, a spoiler that doubles as a picnic table, and a sound system that when turned up all the way, could explode a human head (to bad they dont turn it up full blast eh?). The only mildly beneficial mod that is invested in these neon nightmares is the coffee can exhaust that adds an extra 5hp (making a grand total of 60hp. WOOHOO!). Then it is taken to the local drag strip, and dumped at the starting line by any random muscle car. The owner then is baffled as to why after spending that much money on their precious civic, it could still be that damn slow.
That stupid mofo put 40 grand in his moms civic and he still cant get its ass across the line in under 17 seconds.
by burrier September 21, 2004
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a ricer racer is simply this: A Honda civic that has been modified in any shape or form (paint, rims, fins, skirts, bumpers, etc) to elevate it's look....YET we still know underneith the hood, the engine is SHIT. That is what they call a "rice racer".....any modified Honda Civic.
They sped their rice racers down the alley.
by chinesePokai June 7, 2003
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1. An early 1990's or fairly late model Japanese (or sometimes European) POS car with more money sunk into it on paint,parts, and bells and whistles than most high class cars that will not fall apart on you. It boggles the mind why some people could buy a new BMW with the amount of money they sink into a car that you can barely find parts for. Freud would say that the decked out cars cover up for other inadequacies in the lives of the racers such as a terrible home life, small genitalia, or both. But with that aside, real rice racers look cool and at least give people somethign constructive to do in the form of bragging and racing.
My friend used to have a rice racer until his POS frame went kaput and exploded on him...
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 11, 2003
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Typically a person who buys a Japanese car with the intent on souping it up and racing it at the local dragstrip. The whole time at the track they are sitting at the line next to an IrocZ with a 454V8 that has been ludicrisly modded with cackling cams and an extemely low idle as well an exhaust system that is bent out the sides and spitting flames. Even after that they are still oblivious to their impending doom and still think he/she can win. A rice racer will still race against unfair opponents and blame their loss on little mistakes instead of the fact their car can not exceed 120mph with out exploding. This is not to be confused with Professional rice racers that know when to except defeat and drive tuners.
That rice racer is an idiot. He challanged me to a pinkslip drag race. My '72 Barracuda with a posi, wide slicks for rear tires and a 572 Hemi V8 vs his civic with chopped suspension, a body kit, and a street level turbo. Looks like I'm taking his car and his pride today!
by Hahahahaha!!! March 24, 2011
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What you say to an idiotic individual, usually between the ages of 16 and 25, called a rice racer. AKA a person driving a honda civic, dodge neon, ford probe, honda prelude, etc, that has had more work done on it than the car itself it worth. Meaning a humongous spoiler, a ridiculous neon paint job, illegal tinted windows, rims, maybe some engine work that the piece of shit can barely handle. You may recognize these morons best by their horrible numetal blaring behind you in their sound systems that are worth more than their car, their tale gating, trying to race you in the middle of a public street, and various other acts of stupidity. Don't get mad, just laugh it off.
Hey Brandon, look at that Honda Civic on our asses!

by BitchBitchBitch007 September 20, 2008
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