One of the prettiest girls in the World.
She looks like an angel and her smile is amazing. She also looks like a fame Instamodel. XoXo~D
Squadmember1: bruh WHO is this perfect girl?
Squadmember2: it's Ricarda bruh
by Glorymory November 30, 2015
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Ricarda is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. She’s smart, kindhearted and makes the funniest jokes. She lights up a room the second she walks in and attracts everyone’s attention. Still she’s mysterious and you’ll never truly know what she thinks.
"Wow that girl is so sexy!"
"What did you expect? She’s a Ricarda!!!"
by November 22, 2021
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Ricarda is a nice girl. She's chill and likes to be alone sometimes. She's probably short.
In school she gets bothered by her assigned sitting neighbours, but she can handle that well. At the moment she loves KPOP. Her clothing style wouldn't be considered "normal" but it's cool :)
Guy: Ew, what's that? This top looks ugly!
Ricarda: I don't care!

Friend: Do you wanna do something?
Ricarda: Sorry I'm busy. *Opens Laptop and watches Netflix*
by RRloveHanna November 20, 2021
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