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Hanna is very nice. She loves adventures. However, this will lead her to leave you for a long period of time in order to travel the world. You won't know if and when she'll come back. She will probably be a totally other person when she's back. During the time she's away you will miss her very much.
Friend: Hi, I heard you had news?
Hanna: Yes, I have awesome news. I'm going on a ship for six months and travel half of the world!
by RRloveHanna November 20, 2021
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Ricarda is a nice girl. She's chill and likes to be alone sometimes. She's probably short.
In school she gets bothered by her assigned sitting neighbours, but she can handle that well. At the moment she loves KPOP. Her clothing style wouldn't be considered "normal" but it's cool :)
Guy: Ew, what's that? This top looks ugly!
Ricarda: I don't care!

Friend: Do you wanna do something?
Ricarda: Sorry I'm busy. *Opens Laptop and watches Netflix*
by RRloveHanna November 20, 2021
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