Using short responses via text message to show you are mad
I was texting my girlfriend last night and she was totally shorting me!
by wrangler101 February 6, 2015
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Using a condom to only cover the tip of the penis, leaving the foreskin exposed. This is done to enhance pleasure for the male, by exposing the bundle of nerves where the foreskin attaches to the penis head. This provides the sensation of skin on skin, but allows the condom to function by catching the sperm. This does not protect against STDs and is not an approved use of a condom, but is used by many married couples who are unable to use other birth control methods and enjoy the skin on skin contact.
When I was shorting the condom, it felt like I wasn't wearnig one at all!
by Damin_216 August 24, 2009
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The act of tall women hunting for short men for sex.
The girls and I from the basket ball team had shorting on their mind!
by GW Bush 13 January 6, 2019
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A financial term of making money when the markets are red going down to a lower price.
You make money when the market crashes and lose money when the markets are up . It’s backwards trading.
Leo Miamii said to short BA ! He made a lot of money shorting!
by One World Anarchy November 16, 2020
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a pair of shorts that exposes parts of the leg that are not meant to be exposed

usually worn by females, or males who are extremely comfortable with themselves
"nice short-shorts!!!(guy smiling and giving thumbs up)"

"ew, those short-shorts are showing more than I need to see!"
by garTITS July 17, 2009
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very, very short shorts
ew, he's wearing short shorts.

damn, she's wearing short shorts
by the breshkleeg master thing February 5, 2009
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