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They will be the best but worst person you will meet. They make fun of most people but they don't mean it sometimes, it just comes out. They usually like darker complexions. They are rich but they don't know it so their classified as poor. They are annoying but they know that. ngl they are pretty popular but they don't classify themselves as popular
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by asseaterforlife March 09, 2019
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A being that has transcended so far beyond any other, that he is beyond the comprehension of every living organism. The peak of humanity. Human perfection. A being that has ascended beyond the plane of God. The finest form of a living being
Reyan is so amazing.
by User 3 April 24, 2018
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Reyan means fame . He is a shy and innocent guy. He is really sensitive and trust worthy. he loves to be around people he loves. He is quite and can make beautiful painting. He isn't sometimes clear about if he likes someone. He doesn't share his feelings to anyone unless they r really dear to him. He will never tell you if he likes you...but deep inside he wants to always be with you
There is a cute guy named Reyan
Reyan has a crush on her
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by Reyan almeida February 12, 2019
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shit, from an orphanage where they harvest children for their meat but reyan escaped
by packvan123isshit March 28, 2019
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reyan is so cool. Like whenever you look at him you always know this is reyan. Reyan is some times called ryan. Which means SUPER COOL. Reyan is the best at fortnite. Like he's better than ninja and tfue combined. He is also really smart and handsome. My hands are getting tired because i cant explain how cool he is. Reyan is probably better than you. He has about 10.9 million subs on youtube. He is sooo cool. Like pewdiepie even said hes cool. Everyone wants to play with reyan. bUT HES TOO COOL FOR THEM. cz HES SAVAGE. Hes rich too and prolly like a super man. Hes also a dank memester. Thanks for reading about reyan. Like sub and share
by bob.2 March 28, 2019
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