a state of being one only can enter upon total loss of control. When one enters "rey rey" mode he or she acts solely on instinct and emotions (mainly hatred and anger). Many who have the ability to "go rey rey" find themselves somewhat schitzo, which is not neccesarily a problem. Rey Rey is very powerful and allows one to tap into an inner celestial power of unimaginable quantities, however it is impossible to control. This is much like nuclear fusion, its hard to be controlled but it is really useful if you need to blow someone up. When one goes Rey rey he or she may be called Rey rey. One may only be a rey rey or have to ability to go rey rey if one has a fuel tank.
Two gangs were about to rumble, all the little guys in front pulled out knives and stuff, then out of no where a big guy comes out of the back. "You don wanna non o dis holmes" he says. Then the chorus of little gang members shout in chorus, "go rey rey, get em rey rey, yeah rey rey" or the alternate version a repetition of "get some rey rey, yeah get some get some rey rey, get some"
by rey train September 10, 2006
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A person who receives blame for unfortunate events that are completely out of their control, or that they are completely uninvolved in.
"Damn it Rey Rey! You ruined everything!"

"Dude, I wasn't even there...."
by Sex_Randers January 18, 2012
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Idiot who posts on teh SOCOM boards
One without friends
Rey Rey is Gay
by Mistah! June 18, 2003
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The tag team name of the infamous Sharod and desIREE bKa: "MOMO" and "REyREY"
yall got FUNK..dont bring it ta US
by MOMO and REYREy December 3, 2004
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