One of toronto's most dangerous places...its name is mostly used to describe a ghetto place....or people
Boy: That girl is so ghetto
Girl: Its Rexdale
by NACI all the way April 21, 2008
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A dangerous part of Toronto. It has also become popular slang to describe anything in that 'hood.
Boy: Man, that chick stole a shopping cart.
Girl: No shit, it's rexdale.
by stfumuthafacker. April 26, 2008
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Yo yo, this is rexdale. You walk into rex, if you get vex get bullets hittin your chest spellin rex in red text yea.
Reppin Rexdale, NACI, Smithfield A.K.A Thugzville.
by Jeeta March 08, 2005
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A small ghetto in Rexdale. The Jamestown Crips have very strong connections with the Bed-Stuy Crips in Brooklyn.
Only REAL ghetto(besides Regent Park) in Canada that is the same as a U.S.
Keep your head up here slip and you get buried. Most thugs from here take alot of trips down to Bed Stuy weekly for gang meetings
In Jamestown your either a hustler or a customer
Teens play ball when they 15 either try to educate them selves or end up hustlin' when they 19
One of us(REX):Give up the stash bitch
White suburb kid:Who you think u are man? Im A SKATEBOARDER
Rexdale:Shut the fuck up you rich kids aint east side for shit
White kid: where you from man?
Rexdale: Jamestown and Bed Stuy 2 hoods forever muthaphucka
White kid: Here take it!
Rexdale: Aii you Trip lets head up to Brooklyn or u wanna head up next week n just kick it here for a while my man
Trip: Kick it here I got 2 grams to sell lets go down to crackhead central
Rexdale: Parkdale?
Trip: Hell ye
by Rexdale-Brooklyn October 27, 2012
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