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Unlike normal pyschology-that you act/say/speak in a manner that encourages the person you are addresing to know what you are thinking and wanting (of them/to do etc),
and unlike reverse psychology, where you might consider/toy with a person in ways to make them see it your way, but in an indirect way-that still lends things to work out, but way more complicated, and possibility for

stress /failure is likely.

**REVERSE-REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY: is an addictive form of over-thinking how to communicate what you need to say...VERY indirectly--but you think you are SO intelligent for understanding and mastering this ability and skill.
It tends to fail, everyone involved is exhausted and basically, you have the same chances of failure in communicating--but at least- its alot more costly, stressful, unneccessary--but at least you FEEL involved...
(*you want your gf to buy you a hamburger on her way home from work*)
REVERSE-REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY genius that you are, approaches her with your want, in this manner--
--Simple approach= "Hey hon, grab me a burger at ___, please...Thanks sweetie."
R-R Pysch approach= "You know babe, I HURT myself on that laundry you left in the hallway again,

while I was trying to talk to the vet about YOUR cat's ear problem. I wish your boss would treat you

BETTER because she doesn't understand HOW HARD it is on our relationship, and the cat, and I GUESS
I'll have RAMEN again for dinner, if I can limp later to the kitchen... *whimper*"

(indirect, long-winded, over-thought, annoying as fuck, JUST AS LIKELY to fail, dramatic and exhaustive)
by Mistress Jenocide October 13, 2013
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