The sarcastic 27 year old that you probably recognize from Funny People, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and as April Ludgate, the eye-rolling assistant to Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Most guys think she's hot-just because she's there. Also, she has a strange obsession with hags.
Aubrey Plaza is from Delaware.
by holasayonara June 27, 2011
The difference in what qualifies as sarcasm to women, when compared to what is considered sarcasm to men.

A man's use and recognition of sarcasm refers to a witty, clever, or smart-ass response or comment. This type of remark is used to mock, satirize, make humorous, express frustration with a conversation, etc. It is given with a derisive tone or affectation. A man who is sarcastic is smart, well thought out, and quick witted.

What qualifies as sarcasm among women is simply a response or comment that would be considered normal and completely bland within the conversation that it is a part of. However, solely the use of a mocking tone or affectation in a woman's voice allows them to label their response or themselves as sarcastic. Women who view themselves as sassy, or sarcastic will try to work this tone into conversation often, even though the content of their response was not quick witted or clever in any way.

In short: For men, sarcasm is about the content of the comment. It can be provocative but is always sharp, clever and can show the speaker to be intelligent and humorous.

For women, sarcasm is an ordinary, even sometimes dull response that is given in an ironic or mocking tone. No type of biting or quick content is used in this kind of comment.
Talk show host: "When do you think you'll decide to move away from the type of role you've most commonly been cast in?"
Aubrey Plaza: "I don't know, maybe at some point in the future" (spoken in a condescending tone while looking away from the interviewer to appear disinterested)
As opposed to:

Talk show host: "When do you think you'll decide to move away from the type of role you've most commonly been cast in?"
A man: "I don't know, maybe the same day you decide you don't like talking to a camera every night to try and make strangers laugh at you". (spoken in a biting yet humorous tone, to inform all parties that the comment is meant to be taken playfully)

Viewer: " Hmm, I don't think a man would be considered sarcastic if he gave the same response as she just did, people would probably think he was boring. Oh well, just another example of the Aubrey Plaza division at work!"
by EskimoSnowtreader July 23, 2019