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To ram one's fist up the ass of a midget and hold it aloft victoriously, wearing the midget on one's hand like some fleshy oven mitt.
Willy: Do you watch that show "Little People, Big World?"

Stevus: Yeah, it rocks!

Willy: I wish I could guest star on it so I could give them all the reverse mortgage.
by Nugent J. Niggington December 02, 2008
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When you have crashed and or been mutilated beyond recognition repair or plastic surgery and hospice is your future for the rest of your life that is a reverse mortgage
When you are sliding down an icy Hill on your toboggan with your family watching and are starfish through the air and immediately s*** with into the hardest snow concrete pack thank you can find on the planet break every bone in your body that is a reverse mortgage
by Amuzer the vandal December 17, 2017
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