Combination of the words Yah and Heard. In response to a question or statement.

Yerd me brah?

Yerd what I'm talking about?

"That girls ass is fine?"
by Likesyrup April 30, 2009
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A combination of the words you, and heard.
"Ok, so I was bangin' your sister..."
by OH MY GURD October 9, 2009
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-Short for "you heard?" Typically used by people with advanced colloquial hoodology-based diction.
Ex. 1 "Aye man, what's good with it?" Marqaviontavous said. He gets ignored. "yerd?"

Ex. 2 "Somebody got glocked down by the glickanator 9000 last night, yerd?"

Ex 3. "Yerd what I said or nah?"
by Hoodology Major October 1, 2022
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A girl who is a dummy or tramp. A girl who gets around alot and does not even care.
Mahad: Yo richard! That girl is bad as shit!
Richard: Yeah! Too bad she a YERD!!!!
by KyoneTheGreat March 4, 2011
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Slang started by the Dele gang, has been in use since the beginning of 2019. This brings togather the words “you heard” or “do you understand?”
*in a group chat*
Mike : we going to the beach today?
Sydney : I’m down , leave at 2pm?
Mike : ok dope - yerd that boys?
by DeleG$ng March 20, 2019
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1. A Yearbook-Nerd (hence yerd)

2. A yearbook-nerd who is particularly obsessed with being in yearbook

3. A person that has been traumatized by the extraneous workload caused by being a member of Yearbook staff/Annual staff

4. A person in yearbook that can't help but using/recognizing yearbook terms in normal conversation (such as 'gutter', 'pica', 'whitespace', 'stroke', etc...)

5. A person in yearbook that uses yearbook terms as double entendres, usually to imply sexual ideas
1. "She's always carrying around her yearbook spreads! She's such a yerd!"

2. "Dude, stroke that!"
"But how many picas should I set it to?!"
"Not that 'stroke', you yerd!"
by Raech November 4, 2007
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