when a remake contains a lot of new material; A remake that also doubles as a sequel.
Gunstar Super Heroes, NiGHTs 2, and Casino Royale could be considered requels.
by The enigmatic man April 12, 2007
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A sequel to movie that functions somewhere between a sequel, a reboot, and a remake. For example: Creed, Jurassic World, The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road.
I'm so excited by the new Star Wars requels.
by h'biki December 20, 2015
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A remake of a sequel that overrides both the sequel and all subsequent sequels, steering the franchise in a different direction.
Neill Blomkamp's untitled 'Aliens' sequel and superman returns are both examples of a requel.
by oh_my_say-tan February 26, 2015
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When a franchise makes a sequel that retcons everything except the first installment.
by DumbFuckJohn October 24, 2020
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A narrative that involves a movie that's both a remake and a prequel/sequel which contains new material while keeping it in continuity.
Casino Royale, X-Men: First Class, Dawn Of The Dead, Requel
by anonymouz-movement July 15, 2011
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The definition that says a remake with a lot of new content is like a sequel , umm no. It’s more like what Disney enterprise does. Kingdom hearts 1.5 etc. lion Kong 1/2 and not a sequel. And no one else ha even attempted this.
People is really trying to mess up the English Language with faulty definitions trying to be smart and intelligent that words like false requel has to come to life.
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This suffix can be added to any Latin number, this can be referred to a sequel in a series
The quad-requel to Alien is Alien:resurrection

The Hex-requel to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by JoshieHubStudios December 30, 2021
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