reputation is Taylor Swift’s best era and album. reputation era as a slang is usually used on stan Twitter when some popular musician is expected to drop their dark themed album. It is also used when a person is getting hate and a lot of backlash for something.
person A: “they’re trying to cancel me lol

person B: “you’re coming for your reputation era omg”
by a mf legend June 19, 2020
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when someone says they are “entering their reputation era” it basically means that they are about to f@!? some sh!t up. they will get revenge, and glow from the inside out. it’s a bad b!tch moment for sure. it originated from Taylor swift when she dropped the single “look what you made me do” calling out kanye and everyone who talked down on her.
“omg i heard about taylor, everyone’s been making false rumours about her, she’s totally going to enter her reputation era after all this drama.”
by swaggirlshavemorefun April 27, 2021
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After ppl throw shit at someone or hate them they come back back like a strong bad bitch
Alice just got a bunch of shit I think she might enter her reputation era
by Sucker for women thighs June 30, 2021
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literal: derived from Taylor Swift’s most notable album (or commonly referred to as an era by her fans) in which she sheds her good-girl image and takes on an alter ego of an unexpected, darker, more vengeful version of herself. the album is rooted in irony and mockery of the people who dragged her name through mud.

figuratively/stan usage: although it is commonly referred to as when a person has a comeback with vengeance and to mock those that have hurt them, it is more deeply understood through her fan base as one of her most romantic pieces of art, because although the album’s setting is a dark place in life, the stories of this album detail of love that cannot be broken by status or superficial things. it is a romance that lifts her from the dead as she “once was poison ivy”, and she grows into a “daisy”.

someone who is said to be in their “rep era” is completely aware of bullshit and clowns and is not only coming back for vengeance, but gives absolutely zero fucks about it, because they probably have the love of their life waiting for them if they “strike out and crawl home”.
person one: rebecca is acting weird, do you think she is mad we called her a hoe?

person two: i hope she isn’t in her reputation era (rep era), she has my nudes
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