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A place full of big headed inbred monkeys, who are only good for sheep herding. All of them have massive monkey heads and very small dicks.

John: wow look at that hillbilly!
Serb: I proud to be Serb. I proud to live in this MADE UP place called Republika Srpska
John: Are you proud of that big ass monkey head and your small penis?
Serb: But of course comrade. It is part of Serbian package.
John: What smells like wet wool and shit?
Serb: That be me. I get lonely out here by my self so I get busy with my favorite sheep,Zdenka
by Harry Berry October 06, 2006
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When Bosnia was split, Serbians got this part. REPUBLIKA SRPSKA!! The majority of course is SERBIAN. Before Dayton Peace Agreement, Republika Srpska was bigger, but of course muslim pussies had to be ass kissing united states, so the u.s. took away some parts and gave them to pussy muslims. But we are still better than them cuz muslim r just fucken terrorists. SERBS RULE BITCH!!!
Republika Srpska is so much more advanced than the muslim part of bosnia. Umm I think that's due to the fact that muslims are bunch of terrorists and think it's still 13th century
by polizite mi picku April 30, 2005
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