Republika is a group of revolutionaries from Montegrad who talk about the revolution and civil war that are currently going on in Canada.
"Nothing has changed but everything is different"

"The War has already begun.. it just hasn't reached your neighbourhood yet"
by Ryszard December 28, 2004
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The best site EVER.. It's a site about war and revolution and stuff.. but not in an annoying way.. it's like a fictional newspaper..
Republika. Hiring Convicts as Construction Workers since 1993

by Ynterestyng March 2, 2004
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When Bosnia was split, Serbians got this part. REPUBLIKA SRPSKA!! The majority of course is SERBIAN. Before Dayton Peace Agreement, Republika Srpska was bigger, but of course muslim pussies had to be ass kissing united states, so the u.s. took away some parts and gave them to pussy muslims. But we are still better than them cuz muslim r just fucken terrorists. SERBS RULE BITCH!!!
Republika Srpska is so much more advanced than the muslim part of bosnia. Umm I think that's due to the fact that muslims are bunch of terrorists and think it's still 13th century
by polizite mi picku April 30, 2005
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