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Refers to a person in the military who has just been promoted and acts like a total Nazi fuckwit. RPA stands for Recently Promoted Asshole.
That knob who just got promoted is being a RPA!
by That Skux August 16, 2014
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Roland Park Area; the origin of the RPA is at FSB
when people think of the RPA they mainly think of the Royal Farms and the bank lot
the RPA is a place to meet up with yo boys
you have the RPA kids and the out of area kids (mainly from pikesville, HoCo, and county fellas)
example #1
homeboy 1: ayo what u doin
pikesvile homeboy 2: yo not much nigga u tryin to squeer?
homeboy 1: yeyo where you tryin to meet
homeboy 2: yo son I'll be the RPA in 15
homeboy 1: Owa shoH!

example #2
homeboy 1 calling homeboy 2: ayo I'm in the RPA can you get out?
homeboy 2: yeyo I'll meet you in the bank lot in 5
homeboy 1: Owa shoH!
by cwalt February 25, 2009
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