Any object, person or behaviour that is not appreciated by females and that is likely to negatively affect the chance of play
That dishwashing rack is pussy repellent
by dchill May 23, 2010
A natural repellent that certain females tend to excrete. It causes males to be driven away from said female, resulting in her lack of sex. Examples of penis repellent are but are not limited to: being but ugly, smelling like rancid pussy, or even if she is the sexiest person you've ever seen, she may be a total bitch. That alone qualifies as instant penis repellent
Rndm Guy: Look! I don't care how fucking sexy you may be, you need to drop that bitch attitude if you ever want to stop excreting penis repellent!!!!! *Sexy chick flashes tits* Rndm Guy: Your wish is my command...
by Xero _ Manifest January 19, 2011
Overproduced, mainstream music that is useful only for deterring hipsters from venturing too close to your automobile.
Jak: "Yo man dawg, dem hipsters be ridin' right close up to our bumper. We need to blast sum hipster repellent pronto!"

D: "Ain't no thang. I'll just pop sum o' dat Lil Wayne Taio Cruz LMFAO shit in 2 da tape deck and we'll be solid bro."
by HYLGMS January 31, 2012
A chemical mixture made by an elite team of scientists that has the ability to force anyone with clown tendencies to instantly die
Omg Maxine is such a clown *Sprays clown repellent in maxines eyes*
by wxllxxmx December 17, 2019
any gun, really. preferably something with a lot of punch to it, like a mossberg 500 tactical short barreled shotgun, or a .40 cal smitty. a higher caliber gun. however, any gun can be called a nigga repellant to repel niggaz off you in a tight situation.

note: nigga does not mean nigger in this instance, but means a guy, dude.

the terminology originally comes from the movie Jackie Brown, where Ordell tells Jackie that she's so good looking that when she goes into a bar on a saturday night, she will need a nigga repellant to keep motherfuckers off her.. kind of like a bug spray but for horny men.

in this definition however, this means a gun that keeps fools off you when you're in trouble
guy 1: check this mossy 500 i just bought. shit's sick huh?

guy 2: fuck man! if thats not a nigga repellant, i dont know what is. straight up.


guy 1: if we're going down there im grabbin my nigga repellant with me. im not gettin stuck with a hot one tonight (grabs his 9mm)
by yourmomsboyfriend March 9, 2010
A supposed friend, or wingman that causes distaste, aversion, or the authoritative driving away of potential snatch in a social setting. A cockblocker of the highest magnitude. An artisan, craftsperson or specialist in cock blockery, unrivaled in his finely honed craft of vaginal repulsion. Usually capable of providing an unproductive bearded clam hunt within one hundred feet of his amplitude.
"Wow, we might as well be fags with William here... our bearded clam hunt is fucked for the night!"

"No shit man, that guy has his snatch repellent game on big time!
by musicguy4fun March 10, 2010
Poon repellent is someone who gets no birds. Normally his name is Owen Buckley. He is tall an lanky, wears quick silver glasses an even a hoody from pound land.
'Wanna talk to them birds'
'Nah we have poon repellent with us'
by Yamaaaaaaaa August 28, 2016