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A renel is a sweet guy with a huge penis, an attractive god with the heart to go with it. If you see a renel you need to make him yours before he gets taken by someone else. A renel never stays on the market for long.
Omg he was such a renel, felt every minute of it. So glad I got him before someone else !!!
by Billballzzz777 January 14, 2019
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She a nice ass girl, don’t take her for granted because she can get taken by another dude that quick. Shes the type of girl who will love u but when u disrespect her it’s over. She don’t play with nobody, she likes fighting. She got a lot of side hoes. When she really in love she cuts off all her side hoes. She’s naturally pretty, she thick asl so stop playing with her. She not the type to fuck n duck. Sex with her so amazinggg.
“You heard about who renel fine ass dating, i could’ve had her”
by lilthickynicki July 16, 2019
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