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A game created by Westwood Studios shortly before being bought out by EA games. Renegade was by far WS' best game and could have been better if EA had not demanded it be released prematurely. It is also refered to as Ren or rene. The renegade project was cut short by EA's demands for creating Command and Conquer: Generals, which is regarded by most as having no replay value, and thought of by many as a complete failure.
CnC Renegade
by evregade December 11, 2003
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(N)A name originally used in CNC:Renegade, this Nickname has spread to many games including Neverwinter Nights, Everquest, CNC Tiberium Sun, and Mechwarrior 3 by its original user, however in many other games the nick has been utilized by other people for whatever purpose.
-created by mixing the words of two games reneGADE and EVERquest with the evER r and e switched.
Login: Evregade
Password: ********
by evregade December 10, 2003
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